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Ice Pop Renaissance

July 29, 2010

Ice cream might be facing its old rival: ice pops. These frozen treats-on-a-stick aren’t what they used to be and they are popping up all over the city (pardon the pun). Gone are the days of sticky, artificial flavorings and neon colors. The first of what might become a new trend includes People’s Pops and Popbar. People’s Pops, located in Chelsea Market and with stands at the Highline and the Brooklyn Flea Market, produces a grown up version of the original. It offers fruity flavors made from organic, local produce combined with sophisticated accents such as jasmine, basil and tarragon.  While I enjoyed the rhubarb and jasmine pop, I wasn’t sure about the fibrous texture created from using whole ingredients. The stringiness of the rhubarb wasn’t exactly pleasant. And a taste of a blueberry and cream bar left blueberry skins in my teeth. However, it might have been a small price to pay knowing that these ice pops were a far more nutritious choice than one from an ice cream truck. But if texture is a deal-breaker for you, than head over to Popbar for one of their gelato, yogurt or sorbetto bars.

Made from 100% natural ingredients (with no preservatives or artificial flavorings), Popbar’s gelato passes my flavor test.  Each bar has a smooth, creamy consistency that leaves a brightness and intenseness on the palate that can only be found in really good gelato.  The sorbetto, which is made from real fruit, is also amazingly refreshing. All of their daily-made bars can be customized with chocolate dips and toppings like coconut, biscotti crumbles, almonds and many more. The only warning I would give is that if the weather is insanely hot, eat your gelato inside Popbar because it will melt quickly. The sorbetto holds up much better against the heat.

People’s Pops
Chelsea Market – Arcade
425 W. 15th Street (between 9th & 10th)

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5 Carmine Street (near 6th Ave.)