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Magically Delicious

June 3, 2009

Last year, I took a trip down the Pacific Coast Highway ending up in LA. Now usually on a road trip like this, finding decent food on the go can present a problem. I travel a lot between Boston and New York, and I can’t even explain to you the dread I experience when the bus slows to a roll in front of a Roy Rogers or, even worse, the Golden Arches. It basically means that I’m in for an extra 30-45 minutes of starvation. But this trip on the West Coast was different – magical even. Why, you ask? I’ve got three hyphenated little words for you: In-N-Out. Ok, so “N” isn’t really a word. But I know you’ve heard of this place from your west coast friends who practically worship it like some sort of fast food deity. Well I’m here to tell you they do so for good reason. I know what you’re thinking: “In-N-Out is a burger and fries place like any other. The food might be better quality, but there still aren’t any vegetarian options.”  You would be wrong. When you walk into an In-N-Out, the only menu options you see are three beef-filled burgers, fries and milkshakes. Don’t be fooled. In-N-Out is apparently famous for its “Not-So-Secret Menu” that we East Coasters are completely out of the loop on. Next time you are out in California, Nevada, Utah or Arizona, try ordering a grilled cheese with grilled onions and fries. Try them both Animal Style. I promise – you will be addicted. The best part is that the fries are cooked in 100% vegetable oil. So no worrying about animal fats discreetly mixed in. I was so floored by this fast food fabuloucity, that the next time I went back to SoCal, I overdosed, eating there about 3 times in 4 days. Soooo worth it!

Note: You can also order a veggie burger, which is basically a hamburger with no burger and with double tomatoes, but I hear it’s kind of boring).