Clover Food Lab

The inception of the Clover Food Lab brought with it two important contributions to the Boston food scene. The first is its addition to the slow and steady rise of food trucks in this city. While L.A., San Francisco, and New York have been quick to embrace the benefits of this medium, Boston has been lagging behind. What makes this trend so great, anyway? I think it can be summed up as: great food brought closer to customers at a faster rate and for lower cost. While brick-and-mortar restaurants will not be going anywhere, the lower cost food trucks allow chefs to distribute their culinary ideas without the time and investment need for a full-scale restaurant. Additionally, food trucks provide a better option when a customer does not need ambience or table service as part of their dining experience. Let’s face it: if you’re eating at a desk, ambiance is not going to matter much. But convenience, price and flavor probably will matter. What’s secondary but also important is that food trucks have greater flexibility to experiment and change their menus with relatively little cost to their reputation and business. Since food trucks are usually run by small start-ups types (few big financers and restaurant groups), consumers have come to expect constant change and for this change to be communicated via online and social media.  The increased flexibility for the food trucks allows you, the consumer, to try new and different foodie experiments that have the potential to blow your tastes buds away without completely damaging the food business if the experiment fails. If you’ve ever read their blog, you’d know that this is something that the folks at Clover Food Lab can attest to. The other important contribution Clover is making to Boston is that it serves 100% vegetarian fare that is delicious and not too “hippie-ish.” While Boston is mainly known as a meat and potatoes kind of town, the crazy lines at Clover Food Lab are a testament to a growing market that is currently underserved.

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I popped over there recently and tried out their seasonal sandwich: the pimento. It was mouth-watering. A soft pita was filled with pickled celery, spicy marinated cucumbers and pimento cheese spread. It’s a perfect combination of spicy, creamy and crunchy. The spread was so good I was inspired to try making my own at home. While this was ideal for a light lunch, they also have heartier options like the popular egg and eggplant sandwich. If you’re interested to try one of their creations, I suggest getting there on the earlier side of breakfast or lunch since they tend to run out of their top selling items quickly.

Boston Truck
Dewey Square (South Station T stop)
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
7  a.m. – 3 p.m.

MIT Truck
Carleton St. (off the Kendall/MIT stop)
Monday – Friday
8 a.m. – 4 p.m.


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