Is Alphabet City the New Nolita of Nightlife?

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As more and more interesting, under-the-radar restaurants and bars with artisanal drinks find their way into alphabet city, this part of the city might just become the new Nolita of nightlife. A reader just passed along this Gothamist post about Cienfuegos, a new cuban-themed speakeasy that can be found via a secret entrance in an East Sixth Street sandwich shop. The specialty is a variety of rum punches. While I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, there are some big names associated with this joint, including the teams behind Mayaheul and Death & Co. as well Charolotte Voisey from Rose Bar and The Eldridge. From the sound of it and the cool look from the Gothamist photos, this place might just replace PDT as my number one drink spot in NYC.

via Gothamist

95 Avenue A near 6th St.
Enter through Carteles Sandwich Shop on 443 E. 6th St.

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One Response to “Is Alphabet City the New Nolita of Nightlife?”

  1. jake Says:

    great blog, but fyi only tourists call it alphabet city.

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