Hidden Hazard #2

Last week, I came across this article in The Gothamist that uncovers the use a toxic chemical, called hexane, during the production of soy-based products, including many of the most popular brands of veggie burgers. Hexane is a “hazardous air pollutant”  and is one of the main components of gasoline. Sympotms of toxicity can range from nausea and headaches in mild cases to nervous system failure, atrophy of skeletal muscles and skin disorders with long-term exposure. Hexane is used to separate oils from their seeds. In the case of soy products, a hexane bath extracts soy bean oil from the pod in order to reduce fat content. However, many commercial cooking oils are produced using this method as well. If you are concerned by this, you should consider switching to organic soy products and organic oils. If the product is certified organic, then the law prohibits hexane use for any of their manufacturing processes.

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