NYC Faves: Pullin’ me Back…

As my departure date encroaches, I’m already feeling nostalgic about this candied apple of a city. And ironically, NYC has been showing me some of the best times since I first got here (is that a Chingy song I hear?). But unfortunately for my peeps here, the city and I have re-evaluated our relationship and decided to go on a break. And thus it brings me back to the nostalgia: even though I walk through the East Village cursing the cold under my breath, I’ve realized just how much I’ve seen, done and loved and have yet to share with my friends/readers. So I’m going to attempt to aggressively write up some of my favorite spots in the next few weeks. Previews of what’s to come:

Soho Sandwich Tour

Kati Roll is so 2009

The Dirt on Dirt Candy

Andale, Andale Arepa!

Vegetarian Powerhouses: Angelica’s, Gobo, Blossom

Your new favorite cheese: reiqueijão

Have your people call my people and we’ll do drinks

Best brunch spots: non-egg eaters beware

I hate midtown too: let’s try to deal

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